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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Candy Candy Sugar Sugar!

Did you know Americans consume nearly 8 billion pounds of candy a year? And just to be clear, nothing you are about to read has even a trace of redeeming nutritional value. Even the lowest-calorie options here will pack on major pounds if consumed recklessly. But knowing the relative winnners and losers when it comes to candy should help your kids (and you!)save some calories this Halloween!
1)3 pieces Farley's Super Bubble Gum-9 grams sugar
2)1 small box Wonka Ners-6 grams sugar
3)3 pieces Jolly Rancher Hard Candy-7 grams sugar  
4)1 Tootsie Pop-10 g sugars
5)1 Charms Blow Pop-13 grams sugar
6)10 pieces Farley's Sweet Tarts-12 grams sugar
7)2 rolls Smarties-12.5 grams sugar
8)4 pieces Now & Later-11 grams sugar
9)3 pieces Sweets Salt Water Taffy-10 grams sugar
10)1 fun size 3 Musketeer-10 grams sugar
11) 13 pieces Candy Corns-14 grams sugar
1)3 miniature Tootsie Rolls-9.5 grams sugar
2)1 box Dots' Candy-11 grams sugar
3)20 Jelly Beans-14 grams sugar
4)3 Jawbreakders-16 grams sugar
5)1 fun size Milky Way-10 grams sugar
6)1 fun size Snickers-8.5 grams sugar
7)4 pieces of Starburst-11.5 grams sugar
8)1 fun size pack Skittles-15 grams sugar
9)1 fun size Butterfinger-8.5 grams sugar
*As you can see, These are as low in sugar as the better ones. The reason they score so low is most of them in this list have Saturated Fat in them!

1)2 pieces Brach's Milk Maid Caramels-18 grams sugar
2)2 pieces Brach's Air Heads-12 grams sugar
3)2 miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups-7.5 grams sugar
4)2 pieces Hershey's Miniatures-8.5 grams sugar
5)1 fun size bag M & M's-13 grams sugar
6)4 Hershey's Kisses-9 grams sugar
7)1 two-inch cube homemade fudge-23.5 grams sugar
*These have even more Saturated fat in them!

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