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Monday, April 16, 2012

Things to shoot for

Remember our focus these last few weeks.
Sugar; cutting back on packaged foods, sweet treats, juice,even extra helping of fruit, will no doubt help you lose pounds and inches. Sugar is toxic and we eat WAY more than our body needs. I try and limit my fruits to about 2 a day, and it's recomended that we consume only about 100-150 calories of ADDED sugars. So pick and choose, you can't have that sugared yogurt AND that sugary doughnut in one day. Try to make those little cuts, you'll save calories and save your body from all that sugar.
To help you figure out how much added sugars are in a certain food here are the numbers...
4 grams of sugar is about 1 tsp
1 tsp is about 15 calories

SO if your sugary cereal has 12 grams of sugar....that's 3 tsp of added sugar which 3 tsp times 15 is 45 calories! so right there you have 45 of your 100 calories of added sugar for the day.

Check and see if you have fluffy floaties or stinky know what I mean. :)
if they are stinky need more fiber.
shoot for 25-38 grams a day!
Don't eat carbs without fiber! that is a HUGE mistake in our country.

If you haven't gotten on a online food tracking website yet DO IT!! it will help you sooo much in your weight loss journey. I promise.
add me as a friend...gillfunk, we can help each other. Just don't judge me when you see that I consumed 8 TB of peanut butter in one day. LOL

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  1. rocks. I use it on my iphone as well. It has helped me with accountability. It has educated me on portion control and food choices. I am down 28 lbs since I started using it, and about 6 months of hard work. You can friend me if you like, I am jim4sparks.