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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is Lose it!

The YMCA is excited to announce a class based on inspiring, educating and motivating our members. If you’re religiously hitting the weight room and working out hard in classes but not seeing the results you want, the new nutrition program, Lose It! can help! We all know that being active is a huge part of feeling good and being healthy, but what we’re putting in our mouths has a significant role when it comes to meeting our long term goals. The purpose of Lose It! is to give participants the knowledge and tools to help them on their weight loss journey through dynamic weekly classes and support groups. Fuel your body and mind with nutritional advice and tips that will help you make those positive behavior changes that can bring long -term success.

When do I start?
The Lose It! program kick off will be Thursday September 9th at the Elizabeth St. location with one class at 10 am and another that evening at 7 pm meet in the chapel.
And Classes will continue every Thursday at 10 am or 7pm

What to expect
Anyone who wants to be a part of Lose It! can participate in all or just part of the program.

The program will be facilitated by Gilly Funk. Until now you may have seen her in a variety of classes like Zumba and Drums Alive as one of the Y’s group fitness instructors. She attended Utah State University and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Community Health Education with a focus on nutrition. Gilly says this about Lose it!, “If you’re a YMCA member you already know how important exercise is when it comes to looking and feeling your best, but I think nutrition plays an even more important role. The new Lose it! program will offer something for everyone no matter where you are in the weight loss journey.”

Optional Weekly Weigh In’s: This will be done before or after class and is completely confidential. The weigh ins give you a chance to monitor progress and stay accountable. There will be prizes and other incentives along the way to keep you motivated.

Fun Food Talk: Come for encouragement and stay motivated with tips and advice from a variety of topics such as; Eating out and Eating Right, What eating personality are you?, Smart Cart: healthy budget friendly shopping, The secrets of sodium, The banana diet: uncovering the pros and cons of fad diets, Red light foods, and the Myths of dieting. This portion of the class will be 15-25 minutes long.

Group Discussion; A chance for participants to sit back and observe or share, support and motivate each other. No one is obligated to speak or join in the discussion, but this will be a chance for members to share stories, tips and advice with the rest of the group. Having weight loss support available has been shown in several studies to have a powerful impact on long term weight loss/management as well as developing a more healthy relationship with food. Gilly explains, “The group support that the Lose it! program offers will be a huge benefit. It’s a safe environment where you can go to get encouragement. For some, it will be key to keeping them focused and motivated.”

-Everyone is welcome
- Anyone interested can participate in all or just part of the “Lose it” program
- Weekly Weigh in’s are confidential and help you monitor progress and stay accountable
- Fun food talk on a variety of nutrition topics that are easy to understand
- Classes are a safe place to talk about nutrition and weight related issues
- Prizes and other incentives to keep you motivated
- A place to encourage, support and motivate each other
- Variety of healthy recipes Healthy Recipes
- Non members are welcome. Cost, $6