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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday Dec 2

Come sample a new healthy and hearty breakfast idea!
We'll aslo be talking about sugar and artificial sweetners

Mtg starts at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
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Shocking Trans Fat Finds

Last week I challenged you to search your pantry and find some FAT. Becoming more aware of whats in our food will help us make better choices in the long run.
Trans fat is hard to find...we know it's still out there, even if it's just in small amounts, we learned that those small amounts can really add up. Here were some of your shocking discoveries of trans fat throughout the week...
Stove Top Stuffind
Idaho Spud (candy bar)
Generic Brand boxed Angel Hair Pasta Kit
Generic Brand Chicken' a Biscuit crackers
Frozen Egg rolls

Lets become expert label readers so we can atleast have an idea of what is going into our bodies. It will only help us feel better!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


After so many years of being told otherwise, the idea that fat is good for you is hard to swallow, but true. Are you eating the right type of fat? There are good fats and bad fats to look for in your diet.
Why We Need Fat- Fat, also known as a lipid is most commonly known for storing energy in the body, healthy fat storage is essential to life. Also serves as insulation and as a shock absorber for our vital organs. Fat aids in absorption of fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K) into the body.
In Our Diet- Fats are found in many forms in the diet. The American Heart Association recommends we get 20 to 35% of our calories from fat (most eat 34% or higher)

1,800 Calories a Day 2,200 Calories a Day 2,500 Calories a Day
40 to 70 grams of total fat 49 to 86 grams of total fat 56 to 97 grams total fat
14 grams or less of saturated fat 17 grams or less of saturated fat 20 grams or less of saturated
2 grams or less of trans fat 3 grams or less of trans fat 3 grams or less of trans fat

Saturated Fat
Unhealthy Fat, Usually solid at room temperature.
Animal foods supply most saturated fat in our diet.
Sources; meats, dairy products,
Also…highly saturated vegetable fats such as coconut oil, palm, palm kernel oil, and cocoa butter are also unhealthy. They're widely used in packaged foods including milk chocolate

Unsaturated Fat
Should be the dominant type of fat in a balanced diet
Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated are the HEALTHY FATS
Reduces the risk of clogged arteries
Sources; Oils such as olive, canola, safflower. Nuts, olives, avocados, fish
Also….The best oils to cook with are Olive or Canola

Trans Fat
Unhealthy Fat, chemically altered to make more shelf-stable
Nearly impossible to completely avoid…Read labels, BUT THERES A HITCH,,,?
Sources; margarine, shortening, packaged foods, cup soups, fast food

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Fight off those Cravings

Curb Those Cravings!!
You want it…you need it….you MUST HAVE IT!!

I think if we focus on a few of these tips it could really help us all when it comes to holiday eating.

1. Stop the Cravings Before they Show Up
Don’t rely so heavily on carbohydrates, protein and fat are a crucial part of your diet and without them your body cannot perform all it’s metabolic duties.
When we don’t include protein and fat in our main meals your body will send signals to your brain…GET ME NUTRITION IMMEDIATLEY
Typically sugar is what you’ll crave, which will lead to further cravings.
Including protein and fat at breakfast and lunch will help fight those cravings
2. Remove Temptation or Remove Yourself
The bottom line is that all too often it is too easy to dip into the biscuit jar or sweets bag when everyone else is doing it. So clear your office space of those sweet devils or if that’s impossible then at mid-afternoon munchie time YOU steer clear of that area yourself.
3. Brush Your Teeth
We’re conditioned to understand that freshly brushed teeth mean food is behind us. Try this simple distraction technique as soon as the sweet urge hits you.
4. Stay Busy
Ever noticed you always seem to eat more junk when you’re having a slow day? Make mid-afternoon (or whenever your cravings hit) your ‘super-productive’ time.
5. Get (true) Satisfaction
Once the cravings set in, they’re only going to get worse until your body gets what it needs. But guess what? True satisfaction means real food, in all its glorious richness.
The key here is to go for fat or protein based snacks, rather than sugar based – even fruit can do the trick. Once sweet cravings have set in, sugary carbohydrates will only make it worse

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lose It! Holiday Challenge!

Last week we started the "Stop the Muffin Top Holiday Challenge"
You can join in at anytime if you missed out, here are the details.

Come to lose it and get a slip of paper, on that paper you will need to write down a few things;
1...your current weight
2... What you want your weight to be the week of January 3-8
Now for some, your goal will be to maintain your weight, that is a goal all by itself. For others you want to lose a few lbs over the holidays (over acheivers) :)

3... How are you going to do this.
People who reveiw their goals regularly will acheive them

Each week until January we will weigh in and assess how you are doing. Once the final weigh in comes we will have a party, there will be prizes and fun games. Hopefully it will be a huge success party celebrating no weight gain over the holidays! I can't weight...I mean WAIT! Seeya soon

if you have questions contact me

Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide
Making sure the turkey is the only one “stuffed” this holiday season.
-Be Prepared to Stay on Your Diet over the Holidays
Treats are lurking around every corner…be ready!
Bring your own tasty and healthy snack to a holiday party
Find more healthy versions of your favorite holiday desserts or other family dishes

-Learning to Say “No” is Key to Staying on Your Diet over the Holidays

Remember, you are not on a short term diet. You are on a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change means establishing a pattern of healthy habits that you can keep for the rest of your life.
Offers of food can sometimes be seen as a way of showing affection
Saying no to family members can be very difficult, but they will get used to your healthy lifestyle

-Managing Stress is Key to Weight Loss over the Holidays
Stress can be a key contributing factor to weight gain.
Stress can release hormones slowing down your metabolism,
What are some ways YOU reduce stress?

-Make Being Active Part of Your Family Traditions to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Shed Pounds
Remember, achieving long term weight loss isn’t about sticking temporarily to a diet. It’s about establishing a healthy lifestyle that you can keep forever.
Do activities that are fun and enjoyable to family members, but promote your new healthy lifestyle.

-Stay on Your Diet, but Still Relax and Enjoy the Holidays
One day of straying from your diet isn’t going to ruin your weight loss goals forever.
Remember to enjoy yourself and relax.
Don’t completely give up on your favorite holiday dessert, have a piece and ENJOY


We now have Lose it! on Mondays at 10 am
Thursdays at 10 and 7